Choose a tree and find out if you are an optimist or a pessimist

Take a look at the picture. Choose one of the four trees, relying only on your own intuition. What tree do you like the most?

1. Purple tree

Often you arrive in romantic moods, and dream of something high and beautiful. However, your dreams are too fabulous to come true. That is why you are often sad, and it seems to you that nothing interesting will happen. You are a pessimist.

2. Low tree with fruits

You are a realist, practical, and objective. You adequately assess what is happening, taking into account the pros and cons. You will not be disappointed in life, and you will not be very happy with success, because you know that everything in life is temporary.

3. Pink tree

You are an incredible optimist. Your bright view of the world seems amazing to the people around you. However, sometimes you don’t see the obvious threat. Do not open up to strangers, and be careful.

4. Green tree

You are neither an optimist nor a pessimist. You look at the world through the prism of your mood: today you can be sad all day, and tomorrow you can laugh and have fun as if you are the happiest person. You easily understand other people because you know how to put yourself in their place.

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