Choose a well where you would throw a coin – and you will learn something about your future

There are 6 wells in front of you and only 1 coin. Throw her down one of the wells! The well you choose will tell you something about you that you might not have suspected!

Well 1. You are trusting and considerate.

For you, honesty is one of the most important qualities that any person should have, and you yourself are sincere, honest, and fair. You treat others sincerely and respect the rule that you treat others the way you would like to be treated.

You idealize people too often, and that’s your problem! It’s important to trust people, but it’s also very important to learn to recognize who to trust. The world is full of people who love and appreciate you, learn to recognize them, and grow with them.

Well 2. You are gentle and careful.

You are a calm, loving, and quiet person. You want peace and harmony to always be present in your life, and for this reason, avoid any conflicts. You are the gardener of your life and always reap the sweet fruits of your conscientious attitude. Your future depends on what you are doing now!

Well 3. You are generous and noble.

You are a noble person and are always ready to help others without asking for anything in return! Keep up the good work and you will see how your life becomes more prosperous and happy every day. Any kindness is always rewarded!

Well 4. You are strict and attentive to details.

Your motto: everything will be done the first time. You are a smart, rational, and hardworking person. You do not like spontaneity, and for this reason, you always try to follow the rules as closely as possible.

Your main task is to understand that you have very high standards and that you live in a constant search for perfection, which ultimately ends up not being what you wanted. You have a natural talent for getting things done, but don’t let your obsession with perfection blind you to enjoy the wonderful fruits of your work!

Well 5. You are rational and purposeful.

You are a person who understands very clearly what he wants to achieve in life, and what needs to be done to achieve this. When you strive for a goal, you work non-stop, with love, will, and devotion, until you get everything you want! Your extreme achievement orientation can make you a little insensitive and distant from other people, and that’s where your big problem lies. Remember that we are all students and teachers.

No meeting is accidental, you have something to learn from every person who comes into your life, and you have something to teach every person who comes into your life. When you understand this, your life will be more intense, much fuller, and happier!

Well 6. You are an impulsive extrovert.

You are an impulsive person who likes to take risks. You live with emotions, so you take on a lot of unnecessary things both in work and in relationships. Manage your time and energy better. It is important that you prioritize your life and organize your time well so that you do not violate the obligations you have to yourself and others.

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