Choose an eye and look into your subconscious

Look at the picture, there are 6 different eyes in front of you. Choose one of them and it will reveal the secrets of your subconscious!


1. Eye-heart

You are a person whose energy is directed to other people. Your calling is to help people. You enjoy doing good things for others, and you feel satisfied when you actually get to help.

2. Eye-watch

Finding meaning is your goal. You are a seeker, but you are always searching within yourself. You are a philosopher and a bit of a misanthrope. You are often alone with yourself, doing the embodiment of your ideas. Your inner eye is directed inward.

3. Eye-maze

You are a cold and calculating person who always has a plan. You know that everything in life is not perfect, but this cannot suit you in any way. You do everything in order to go according to plan towards your goal.

4. Eye-lock

You have a curiosity about everything that surrounds you, so you often notice details of what is happening that many simply overlook. Your inner eye is directed to study and analyze what is happening. You like to collect things, often build some kind of theory, and test them in practice.

5. Red eye

You are a bright personality that never goes unnoticed. You like to surprise others, from this you get inner satisfaction. Your subconscious is focused on your own feelings and sensations.

6. Eye-sun

You are the kind of person who sees the possibilities in every situation. You are not afraid of problems, because for you they simply do not exist. You will always find benefits where others go astray.

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