Choose one of the lotus images and get the advice you need right now

Often our subconscious mind can tell much more than consciousness when difficulties arise in our lives. Especially when it comes to the most difficult thing – the choice.

What should I do to solve rather than exacerbate the problem? Which option to choose? These questions have plagued each and every one of us. Although it may seem a little strange, something to which we are literally attracted in some incomprehensible way can point to the path that should be taken. That is, to give an answer on how to act in a given situation.

Below are some images of the lotus. Your task is to carefully consider each of them and determine which one attracts you the most. Do not rush, but do not think for hours. Just try to answer yourself the question: “Which of these images attracts you the most?” After all, one of them will definitely stand out more than the rest.

Lotus 1

If you chose this lotus, then the situation in which you find yourself is much more difficult than you thought. But this does not mean that you should panic or burst into inconsolable tears. Try to remain as calm as possible in your case. Exploding emotions and showing your feelings is absolutely normal. But not in your case. Now you should hide your emotions as deeply as possible. Don’t show them. And the better you get it, the longer you hold out, the better.

Remember that sometimes letting go of what’s bothering you is much better. Yes, it will hurt, but sometimes it’s the only way out.

No matter how difficult it is, do not forget that you are much stronger than you can imagine. You can handle everything, trust me. The main thing is to stop in time, calm down and breathe deeply.

Lotus 2

If you have chosen this lotus, then most likely you should think very carefully about whether you correctly assess the situation, and how thoughtful your decisions and actions are. The fact is that when you act thoughtlessly, you take a big risk.

In the coming weeks, you may face serious troubles. They will come from people who will suddenly literally “crawl out of all the cracks” to crush you. So focus on yourself now instead of trying to make everyone around you happy. Moreover, it is impossible. But you will have time to prevent bad events in your life.

Spend some time thinking about your financial situation, think about where and what you can change for the better. Perhaps you are now at a loss and confused, but you can find out the situation. Thus, at least you can calculate the possible risks and prepare for them, or even prevent them.

Even if it seems to you that the measures taken are not enough, and what to be – that cannot be avoided, this is not true. At the very least, you’re doing very well. Much better than the rest.

Lotus 3

If you have chosen this lotus, then there is great pain in your heart. And there’s nothing you can do about it, no matter how hard you try. The lotus you have chosen is a reminder that you do not have to accept the role of the victim at all.

Take the time to deal with the problems that surround you from all sides. Try to get out of your comfort zone, and do something decidedly new and unusual. You will surely overcome all difficulties. What is happening in your life now will not last forever. Everything passes: the white streak in life is not far off.

In the end, you can look back and realize that in the previous few weeks you fought like a real fighter. You just have to get rid of the toxic people who poison your life. This will be of great benefit. Stop letting dishonorable people take advantage of your kindness.

Lotus 4

If you chose this lotus, then this means that recently in your life there is a real shipwreck. And this flower is a reminder of that. You are in complete despair, irritated, and unable to move forward.

So, the main thing is to admit it to yourself. It’s okay: you are not the first and you are not the last. Don’t try to hide or run away from what happened. Whoever talks about you and gossips is his problem, not yours.

You do what your heart tells you to. And let the whole world be against it! Instead of feeling sad about being misunderstood or judged, remember something good.

Better yet, spend more time with people who genuinely love and believe in you. You will see: that things will improve immediately. And the mood will improve.

Lotus 5

If you have chosen this lotus, then everything in your life is good now. And, even if you are unhappy with where you are or with whom you are, you are really moving forward. It’s just that it’s not always comfortable and joyful, but sometimes the Path requires sacrifice.

Our life is very short. Therefore, thank God for the fact that close relatives and relatives are nearby. Try to spend as much time with them as possible, give them warmth and love.

Also, slow down a bit. You can’t do it all the same, no matter how hard you try. Relax and immediately feel much better. Recently, you have taken on too many cases and troubles, and this is already starting to affect your life.

There is nothing wrong with taking a break when you feel like you need it.

Lotus 6

If you chose this lotus, then the emotional scars are much deeper than you are even willing to admit to yourself. Your task: is to cope with it and overcome it.

The fact is that all your problems are from your own thoughts. You yourself create them in your head, which prevents you from living and enjoying. There is nothing wrong with that. You just need to acknowledge the presence of such harmful thoughts and work on eliminating them. Perhaps on their own, and perhaps with the help of an experienced psychologist.

You have a strange feeling right now: as if you are not the real you. Therefore, you should return to your roots, to the true Self. This will change life for the better, and return former feelings and happiness.

Don’t be afraid of anything. Just step into the unknown. Give yourself a chance to be happy. What makes you unhappy today is not omnipotent. This circle can always be broken – there would be a desire.

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