Choose one owl and pay attention to her insightful counsel

Choose the owl that catches your attention the most (listen to your instincts) and learn the valuable wisdom that she has prepared just for you.

If you chose…

1. Owl of Hope

This owl is informing you that your most cherished desires are on the verge of becoming a reality. You are the architect of your life and destiny, and there is always a reward for those who face life with bravery, love, and commitment.

It is conceivable that things will not go as planned at times in life, but the important thing is to never lose trust in your ability to succeed. Get back up and try again if you fall, since faith and hope are the keys to genuine success.

2. Owl of Prosperity

This knowledgeable owl is warning you that every sleepless night, every early dawn, and all of your efforts to realize your goal will soon yield fruit. Everything you did, every difficulty you overcome, was a little but significant step toward your ambition.

Your message for today is to keep working hard and fill your life with trust in success, for your reward will come to you soon, and all you hoped for will come true.

3. Owl of Tranquility

Remember that the darkest hour of the night heralds the arrival of a new day. Never give up, never lose your determination and will to go forward, conquering any hurdles that you may find along the route.

Remember that there is no victory without a battle and that it is always worthwhile to persevere in your goals. You may be working hard, but soon tranquility will return to your life, and you will be able to reap the advantages of your hard work.

Continue to live your life with faith and tranquility, since the best is yet to come.

4. Owl of Power

This owl serves as a reminder that you are a beautiful person. You’ve accomplished a lot in your life, and your strength and willpower will enable you to fulfill your deepest ambitions. You may have the impression that despite your efforts, you are not making any progress toward your objectives. You only need to remember that each of your activities will bring fruit in the future and that everything takes time.

Stay strong and cheerful, is your message. Every day, smile and do your hardest because if you offer your all, life will always give you the best of what it has.

5. Owl of happiness

This owl is eager to remind you that whatever you accomplish while smiling will be a success. Remember that a bright day is determined more by your attitude than by the sun, therefore each fresh morning affirms with certainty that today will be the best day of your life.

If you live your life with faith and optimism, it will show in all you do. And if there is a storm in the world, don’t let it drag you into it; it is better because it charges the planet with your happiness and positivity.

Remember that you are a joyful and cheerful person, thus happiness is the reason for your existence.

6. Owl of Dreams

This owl tells you that success comes from putting in the effort to achieve your goals. Life is always on the side of the dreamers, therefore never give up on your dreams. Everything you clearly picture and fight tirelessly towards will soon become a reality in your real life. All of your fantasies, all of your plans, and everything you’ve been hoping for for so long are going to come true.

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