Choose the desk on which you would prefer to write the exam

Each of us has our own character. We wrote about personality, today we will focus on character. Personality can change over the years, the character becomes more permanent, although it can (and even should) be formed.

Choices made under stress, such as during an important exam, are extremely important. Choose the bench you would like to write the exam on and see what it says about your character!

Desk #1 – AMBITION

If you chose desk 1, it means that you are a very ambitious person. You always pursue your goals. You are not afraid of the future and you are optimistic about it. You are a stubborn person, but at the same time sociable and pleasant. The moment you focus on one goal, you forget about the rest of the world.

Desk #2 – BALANCE

You belong to the people who have a great time and know when to let go. It certainly doesn’t change the fact that you stick with what you decide. When you set a goal and strive for it, you never use other people, so you will always find people who will gladly help you.

Desk #3 – DREAM

If you chose desk number 3, it means that you are a very sociable person, and people like you. From all this, you often walk with your head in the clouds and lose focus, which means that you do not achieve your planned goals. You still don’t give up and in a very short time, you set another goal.


You are a person who always tries to be better than others. Perfectionism is your middle name and you don’t like wasting time on something imperfect. Commitment and responsibility are very important to you.

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