Choose the heart you like best!

This fun quiz will help you determine how romantic and happy you are in a relationship! All you have to do is choose the heart you like!

1. You are generally happy when you date someone.

You enjoy being in a stable relationship and spending your days with your significant other. It seems to you that life will be very boring if you are alone, so finding love is one of the main issues in your life. You are not the kind of person who depends on others, but you feel happier when you have a good partner by your side.

2. You start dating someone only if you really love that person.

You don’t think that love is the ultimate goal in life. You are not the kind of person who will date anyone. You will create a relationship only with the person you truly love. You are happy on your own, you have many hobbies and interests that make your life interesting. Love is not your #1 priority!

3. You are a very independent person.

You are an independent person who doesn’t need to date anyone to be happy. You value the happiness and freedom of being single. You like to make your own decisions without relying on anyone else. You also value “your time” and therefore prefer to live alone. However, you are open to meeting wonderful people.

4. You crave deep, emotional relationships.

You really want to be in a relationship. You are happier when you are in a relationship with someone and dependent on someone. This does not mean only your love partner, but family and friends in general. It is emotionally important for you to have stable friendships, family relationships, and lovers. When you start dating someone, you will feel happier than before.

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