Choose the position you like to sit in and learn more about your personality

Body language can reveal more about us than we think, and often even more than we ourselves want to show.

The gestures, the look, the position of the legs or arms, and the position in which we sit reveal our emotions, attitudes, and even character.It is believed that body language can say more than words and often betrays liars. Scientists have found that at least 50 percent of the information that we receive in the process of communication comes from non-verbal communication.

Are you curious to know what your favorite sitting position says about you?

Take a look at the picture and choose the position that is closest to you and the one you like to sit in most.

Pose #1

This posture says about you that you are a very calm and balanced person. It’s not easy to get you off balance.

You stand firmly on your feet, you know what you want, and you have a sound approach to any situation in life.

You do not succumb to the emotions or influence of other people. You are very confident and often use your sharp tongue.

You are honest and not based on prejudice, but sometimes you keep other people away from you.

You just need more time to make friends with someone.

You are very distrustful and very cautious in dealing with other people.

Pose #2

Choosing this pose indicates that you have an independent nature. You do not like to rush, you do not care about the opinions of others and you live in your own way.

You avoid big companies and try to stay a little aloof.

Family and close friends are the most important people to you. Chasing money or a career is not for you.

You prefer to sit in the silence of your own garden and enjoy this beautiful moment.

You don’t pay much attention to your appearance. You also don’t judge people by what they have or what they can do.

Only their character and their open heart are important to you. The rest doesn’t matter to you.

Pose #3

The one who chose this pose is a very lively and energetic person.

You live in the present moment and love it when many different interesting events happening around you. Such moments always take away your restless soul somewhere.

You like to always be on the move. You want to take on challenges, meet new people and discover new roads.

You don’t worry too much about the future and you don’t worry about the past at all. For you, the most important thing is what is happening here and now.

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