Choose the window that scares you the most, it will open what haunts your soul

Figuratively speaking, we all communicate with the outside world through the window of our souls. However, if we look out our little window, we can discover amazing secrets about ourselves. In some of which, we do not even dare to admit to ourselves!
Choose the window that scares you the most and it will reveal to you what’s haunting your soul!
Choose the scariest window!

Window #1

You are often frustrated. You are an open and friendly person, so you often trust people you should not trust. Even with close people, you sometimes have to be disappointed.
You feel that in many cases it would be better to live on a deserted island where you would not have to deal with a lot of evil, mean, deceitful people.
Unfortunately, you can’t know who you can trust, so disappointment is inevitable. But don’t worry, just think about how different you are from them every time!

Window #2

Your soul is tormented by a feeling of exhaustion. Thanks to your incredibly kind heart, you are always ready to help others. No choice or thought. If someone from your environment gets into trouble, you are the first to come to the rescue.
There is always someone who has problems, but this does not mean that you should solve everything for them. Also, when you need help, very few and very reluctantly reciprocate what you do for them. As they say, “another’s cross does not pull.”
We know that it is difficult for you to refuse others and it is completely against your nature, but finally, learn to say “NO”!

Window #3

Your soul is tormented by loss. You return to the past, again and again, reliving those moments when you still had what you now lack so much. Your life is clouded by the fact that you can’t let it go.
Each person who passes away is a heavy loss in life, but it especially affects you. The pain that wheezes from the inside leaves a mark on your daily life, and you notice the beauty of lifeless and less.
Open the window of your soul and let in some sunshine, you will see that your memories will also shine with new colors. Let not only your face smile but also your soul!

Window #4

Anxiety torments you in your soul, although everything is fine on the outside. What you have deep inside is difficult to reconcile with your kind and cheerful nature.
The resentment that you have experienced is much stronger than you show outwardly. It comes to mind, again and again, it affects your daily life, even if you try to keep it a secret.
The fear that this will happen again is constantly inside you, so you cannot live a full life. The wounds in your soul do not heal well, and scars remain after them, try to change your life, because this way the pain is easier to endure.

Window #5

You are tormented by self-doubt. “I’m not good enough, I’m not beautiful enough, I’m not smart enough…” You repeat this mantra every day and it affects your life.
And it will indeed be so because if you are not confident in yourself, you probably will not succeed. You feel inferior to others, although this does not affect your behavior, because you cleverly disguise it.
Look at yourself in the mirror and pay attention to your good qualities, and your successes, and then you will suddenly realize that you are an extraordinary person who is limited only by a lack of self-esteem that prevents you from fulfilling your dreams.

Window #6

Your soul is seized with lethargy. You impose too many, almost impossible things on yourself. You can’t stop, you always want to please everyone… You can’t say no.
You keep spinning and acting with absolutely no regard for the person who deserves it most: yourself. Life slips away from you until you see what else you can do for others, whom you can help, and what you can change.
Take some time to recharge, slow down and look around!
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