DRAWING QUIZ: What did you see first?

Often psychological drawing tests help to know yourself better than a qualified specialist! The visual test you are about to take will send you straight to your own subconscious: answer quickly and get the most truthful result.

We invite you to take a look at the image above and immediately answer what caught your eye first. In the meantime, we will try to look into your subconscious. Well, are you ready?

Man and woman

If the first thing that catches your eye is a man and a woman in the foreground, you are the one whose energy moves forward relentlessly and whose mind acts immediately. A powerful, bright, fiery energy is seething inside you, and you are ready to plunge headlong into your favorite business. Your desires are strong and your passions are violent.

You know perfectly well what you want, and confidently go to your goal. When you are happy, you literally shine with warmth but remember: everything should be in moderation. To balance the energy inside, give yourself mental and physical rest, change your surroundings more often, enjoy soothing aromas, practice meditation, and find time for walks in the fresh air.


If the first thing you saw in the picture is a face, under your appearance lies an emotional, dreamy and artistic nature. Especially brightly your character traits are manifested in moments of strong emotional shock, immense happiness, and love. You are characterized by a calm and harmonious lifestyle, a love of love, and a positive type of thinking.

You easily make friends and quickly find a common language with people of very different nature, and your fragile nature is as easy to hurt as it is to charm. Perhaps those close to you are wondering why you are so calm and at times careless when everyone around you can’t find a place for yourself, but you were simply lucky to be born with such an enviable character.

Figure in the foreground

We are sure that you are a focused, intelligent, and extremely curious person because you were the first to see a barely noticeable figure in the foreground of the picture. You are often thoughtful and silent, but at the same time, you have a special love for all kinds of disputes and debates because you are one hundred percent sure that you are right. Asking questions and just as quickly finding answers to them is something you can do endlessly.

Your bright head keeps a lot of outstanding ideas that you happily share with others. In general, you are an excellent organizer and purposeful leader, but your stubbornness and overconfidence can cause a lot of trouble. To keep your energy in a healthy balance, associate only with friendly people, learn to control your temper, and avoid aggressive situations.

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