Dress test: determine your character by clothes

When choosing dresses for yourself, a woman is guided not only by fashion trends but also subconsciously seeks to choose a thing that harmoniously combines with her inner world. If the dress is chosen correctly, then they often say: “the thing is sewn for her.” This means that the dress fully conveys the inner state of the woman, complementing and beautifying her. It is very easy to find out your character by clothes with the help of the dress test.

How to determine the character of a person by clothes? Photos of dresses of several styles are presented. Choose the one that suits you best and suits your style of dressing.

Clothing personality test results

1. Eternal romantic. You idealize others, attributing to them positive traits in character, trying not to notice evil. A sensitive and kind person, you know how to live in harmony with the world. People love and reach out to you. After all, you will never commit acts that go against your conscience.

2. “Dressed with a needle” – this is a statement about you. Even in the most awkward situation, you try to look your best. Clothing style and character form a single whole. Your clothes are fully consistent with the inner “I”. You also tend to idealize your life by not telling anyone about your failures.

3. Mysterious stranger. If the character of a person by clothes is often quite simple to determine, then you are a completely opposite case. Your whole life is shrouded in mystery. No one can fully understand you, even the closest and dearest people. You can expect anything from yourself, you are capable of anything, and you can destroy any boundaries.

4. Prom queen. You are fueled by the attention of others, you cannot live without praise. Being the center of attention is a common thing for you, you won’t recognize another. You know how to convince a person to do what you want. Do not allow criticism in your address. After all, you are confident in your perfection, and no one is able to convince you otherwise.

5. Keeper of the hearth. Your family is everything. For the sake of loved ones, you are ready to do selfless deeds. Choose a dress test characterizes you as a very kind and open person. Selfishness in any form is not peculiar to you. Often forgetting about your desires, you devote your whole life to the family. You can help even a complete stranger without demanding anything in return.

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