Embarrassed and ashamed: Rihanna in a too-tight dress felt awkward at the sight of the paparazzi!

Even if Rihanna is a true trendsetter, some of her clothing makes her seem bad.

The singer’s body has seen significant alteration since the birth of her first kid in May. Rihanna put on weight and is still struggling to shed half of the extra pounds.

But many of the celebrity’s admirers point out that Rihanna’s new chubby features only enhance her beauty and appeal. And the pop star’s gorgeous forms are undeniably alluring.

Evidently, this is the reason Rihanna chose to highlight her stylish figure with a sophisticated appearance. But things don’t always turn out nicely like this.

The Hollywood diva decided to wear a floor-length black sheath dress to dinner with her favorite rapper ASAP Rocky, but she utterly misjudged the size. Rihanna’s large breast was forced to be overtightened by the garment, which was so tiny that it appeared as though it might explode and leave the diva without clothing.

The singer’s torso was translucent in certain spots since the singer’s costume was made of a somewhat transparent fabric. Rihanna reportedly recognized she had chosen the wrong dress when she hid behind a tiny brown bag with a pattern the entire way from the car to the restaurant.

Fans who were present close to the restaurant noticed the singer’s beauty and elegance despite the unpleasant scenario. The Hollywood celebrity clung on and made an effort to remain emotionless.

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