Eminem’s Daughter Shares Childhood Memories and Reasons for Fear of Drugs and Alcohol

Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade Mathers talked about her unusual childhood on her new podcast. She remembered going to a princess tea party at Disney World with her best friend. Hailie said she didn’t drink alcohol in high school because she was afraid of getting into trouble.

Hailie Jade Mathers opened up about her life growing up as a famous rapper’s daughter on her new podcast called “Just A Little Shady,” which started on Friday.

Even though she thought her childhood was normal, going to public school with her best friend Brittany Ednie, she now realizes it was different.

Hailie and Brittany remembered a time when Hailie invited Brittany on her dad’s tour bus, thinking it was something everyone’s dad had.

At around five minutes into the podcast, Brittany and Hailie remembered a trip to Disney World in Florida.

“My dad was working, but he arranged for us to go in a limo to Disney and we did the princess tea party,” Hailie said. “He had dresses ready for us, we were both Belle or whatever.”

Brittany said the experience was cute, and Hailie appreciates it even more now that she’s 26.

“Back then, we were happy and excited, but looking back, we realize how awesome it was,” she said.

Hailie said she avoided being around drugs and alcohol because of her dad’s addiction.

“My dad had a problem with pills,” she said. “I was scared of being around that stuff, so I didn’t drink or go to parties in high school. I was naive about it all.”

Hailie even stopped going to high school football games after going to one and not enjoying it.

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