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Psychological tests are incredibly accurate, reliable, and reproducible. But in some cases, people themselves make all sorts of mistakes, which qualitatively reduces the final result.

For example, this is typical for tests in which the subject must choose one or another image in the photo. Our brain begins to automatically analyze each presented option and already gives the “required” answer according to it. The testing methodology presented below completely eliminates the human factor.

Here is a composite picture. You need to quickly look at the indicated image and stop at the option that caught your eye first.

Examples are:

  • wolf;
  • moon/night;
  • forest/trees;
  • profile of a woman.

This test will show your main life mission. Now let’s take a closer look at all the possible examples from the list.


Your mission in life is to find the way of the warrior. External confrontation will be strong enough, but you can easily overcome all hardships and obstacles. Injustice causes you the strongest indignation. You will defend your point of view without much thought.


Such an image is seen first by very compassionate people. They came to our world in order to bring someone a little healing. Such persons feel an urgent need to protect all their relatives, friends, and relatives. The presented category of persons has incredibly strong empathic abilities.


The main characteristic of the persons who first saw the forest, trees, or branches is wisdom. Their curiosity allows them to develop in many different directions. With their actions, they can easily solve many mysteries of the universe.

Profile of a woman

You can only live a happy life if you start doing something new. Fate has given you the strongest creative potential. Therefore, develop and support it in every possible way. You are able to achieve many successes if you begin to offer the world any new solutions in time.

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