Find out how one mom surprised her hardworking husband after their family vacation! Exclusive story inside

✨ Discover the heartwarming surprise one mom planned for her dedicated husband post-vacation! 💖 Get ready for all the feels in this exclusive story! 😊

Tracy Caliendo’s husband couldn’t join their family vacation because he had to work a lot. So, on their flight back home, she upgraded his seat to a nicer one away from their kids.

Tracy and Pete, along with their five kids, went to Florida for their kids’ winter break. Unfortunately, Pete couldn’t enjoy the trip much as he had to work from their hotel room.

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To surprise him, Tracy got Pete a better seat on the plane, away from the kids. She filmed their family passing by his seat and shared it on TikTok. In the video, Pete joked about his comfy seat and teased his family as they walked past him.

Tracy’s gesture was appreciated by many on TikTok, but some wondered why she didn’t give herself a break too.

Speaking to PEOPLE magazine, Tracy explained that Pete had to work even though they were on vacation. While she and the kids enjoyed the warm weather and pool, Pete had to work during market hours.

Tracy clarified that Pete’s upgrade wasn’t just about relaxing; it was also a way to ensure a peaceful flight for him. Their eldest son helped Tracy with the other kids while Pete enjoyed his upgraded seat.

Tracy believes that their partnership isn’t about equality in every little thing but about supporting each other when needed. She thinks it’s important to take a step back sometimes to recharge, even if it means temporarily handling things differently.

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