Find out the truth about your relationship

Psychologists say that not much can be said about the conscious behavior of a couple. After all, they can hide everything inside themselves in public. However, when something unconscious happens – then all the secrets can be revealed! One such unconscious act is the sleeping posture.

In order to get a fairly accurate answer, you only need to make a small observation:

  • In what position do you most often fall asleep next to your loved one?
  • If you wake up in the middle of the night, what position are you in?
  • In what position do you wake up next to your partner?

Select the 2 most common sleeping positions. You can then read the psychological transcript of what’s going on in your relationship.

10 most common positions and their meaning

Remember that these transcripts are for general and informational purposes only.

1. “Reclaiming space” – this position suggests that people love each other, but relationships definitely require close monitoring. The one who sleeps on his back is stubborn, and the one who sleeps on his stomach does not want to be with a partner for a long time.

2. “Back to back” – people tend to preserve their personal space. These people have stable relationships. Such a couple feels a partner nearby and for everyone, this is a prerequisite for creating comfort.

3. “You are far away” – partners want more freedom or see each other as competitors. Most often, those couples who are in a quarrel or there is some kind of unresolved conflict in the relationship sleep like this.

4. “At arm’s length” – the couple is in an open relationship. Everyone has their own social circle, they separately attend parties and events. At the same time, they have confidence in each other. The partners are also ready to protect each other.

5. “You are my mirror” – such a couple boasts a wonderful relationship and complete mutual understanding. The daily routine does not affect their love in any way. It is worth noting the high sexual activity of the couple.

6. “Do not leave me” – the couple feels a constant need for each other. They just need to spend more time together. The partner who sleeps with his back has an overestimated self-esteem.

7. “Dominant side” – in body language, this position indicates that there is a strong connection between partners. In addition, with the sex life of such partners, everything is fine. It should be noted that the one who puts his foot on his partner is prone to dominance.

8. “Spoons” – in this case, the partners have a mutual manifestation of attention and care. The couple feels very comfortable and safe together. Unfortunately, the relationship is far from ideal. There are some disagreements.

9. “Knot” – psychologists say that newly-made couples sleep more often in this position. When they miss each other! Partners want to feel like one. If you have been in a relationship for a long time, then this position indicates that you are very jealous.

10. “Most of the bed” – if the partner takes up most of the bed, then he does not seek to demonstrate love for his partner. He also needs self-affirmation.

It is very important to understand that this is only a psychological general portrait. Many begin to deny everything they read but take your time. Watch! And you will understand that psychology is a subtle science. You now have something to work on. After all, it takes time, understanding, and true love to create an ideal relationship.

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