Find out what your makeup reveals about your personality

Sometimes we ourselves do not suspect how much information about ourselves we communicate to others without saying a word. Not only a tube of lipstick or a palette of shadows can tell about its owner, but also what kind of make-up she chooses.

1. Minimal makeup

If you only wear mascara and lip gloss when applying makeup, then most likely you:

  • extremely self-sufficient
  • think that the man of your dreams should be attracted to your spiritual qualities, and not your appearance
  • prone to compromise
  • self-confident
  • you can analyze and see beyond the surface

2. Makeup with an emphasis on the eyes

If you put emphasis on your eyes when applying makeup, it may very well be that you:

  • able to compete with Sherlock Holmes in observation
  • prefer to silently experience your ups and downs
  • quite closed
  • prefer to listen rather than talk
  • sometimes ready to give half the kingdom to be alone

3. Makeup with an emphasis on lips

If you focus on your lips when applying makeup, it is very likely that you:

  • constantly up to date with all the news
  • extremely sentimental
  • always ready to flirt with a handsome man
  • can hardly bear loneliness
  • love to be the center of attention
  • surrounded by a crowd of fans

4. Very bright, sometimes extravagant makeup

If you apply this amount of makeup at a time, which would be enough for an ordinary girl for a week, then most likely you:

  • worry too much about everything in the world
  • not sure of yourself
  • hiding a vulnerable soul behind a fighting spirit
  • sometimes you think that no one loves you and will never love you again
  • disappointed in men
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