Find out your hidden fears!

The test is based on the individuality of each person’s associations, and his ability to focus his attention on certain objects in a multifaceted image. Be sure to complete this task, and analyze the answer you received.

How to perform psychological tests on drawings?

The requirements for performing similar tasks are quite simple:

  • Look at the picture for 2 – 3 seconds;
  • Remember the first version of the plot that caught your eye;
  • Find out what your answer points to.

Approach responsibly the implementation of this psychological test according to the drawings. Do not get distracted, and do not peep into the transcript of the answers. This way you are guaranteed to get accurate results.

Check out the detailed transcript of your answer:

1. Girl. If she attracted your attention, it means that you experienced psychological trauma in childhood.

You are afraid that you will fall out of love or be hurt. It is difficult for you to talk about your feelings and innermost experiences. On an emotional level, you are like a small child with many fears and resentments.

2. Strawberries indicate that you are most afraid of loneliness, and in every way, you are trying to win the love of others. Perhaps you have low self-esteem, and because of this, you cannot build an equal relationship with your partner.

3. Butterfly indicates your fear of the future. You are constantly waiting for a miracle, but do nothing to make it happen in your life.

4. Skull. Not many people can see this image. It indicates that you are afraid of change and are in a depressed psychological state.

You are hostile to the world around you and have forgotten how to enjoy life, constantly waiting for a trick or betrayal of a loved one.

5. Trees. Since there are two of them in the figure, this indicates a certain split in your personality. On the one hand, you are trying to look like a successful person, and on the other hand, you are completely unsure of your abilities. Such internal conflict prevents you from being realized.

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