Find your deepest psychological trauma

Psychology plays a huge role in our life. An insignificant moment that you did not attach importance to in life can affect the future and the construction of your personality.

Most often, psychological trauma occurs in childhood. It is they who inflict the most serious “mental wounds” on us, which practically do not heal.

In order to improve your life and get to know yourself better, you must first plunge into childhood and find out what influenced you the most. To do this, psychologists use hypnosis, but there are other methods of influence!

Journey deep into your mind

In order for you to be able to recognize your most severe injury, you will need:

  • Completely relax by closing your eyes.
  • Think about your past and try to go back to your childhood.
  • Take a quick look at the pictures.
  • Select the silhouettes of those people who do not seem like family to you.

It is very important that it takes you no more than 5 seconds to choose. So your subconscious mind will react and point out the problem until you connect logical thinking.

Deciphering the psychological test

Family No. 1 – If you chose the silhouette of this family, then you are a very positive person who is constantly trying to make a difference in the lives of other people.

But you don’t know what a real family is. Most likely, the whole point is that you grew up without a father, or your mother suppressed the influence of your dad.

Because of this, you are now not sure that the family is normal. You do not want to build relationships, or rather legitimize them and start a family.

Family No. 2 – unfortunately, in your family, you were given little attention. Most likely, the parents cooed with each other and went somewhere together, but you stayed away. You simply lack maternal or paternal affection.

Due to the fact that you were not given certain feelings in childhood, now you demand too much attention from your person.

This usually causes tightness in people and high demands on a partner. That is why it is so difficult for you to start a family. That’s why you don’t consider this picture a family.

Family No. 3 is a happy family in this picture! That’s just, if you think that this is a “fake family”, then you have received severe psychological trauma. Perhaps the family was incomplete or dysfunctional. Because of this, you have so many complexes.

It has left an indelible mark on your life. The situation can be corrected only with the help of true love. You need to find your soul mate and then everything will fall into place.

Often, people who have severe psychological trauma simply do not understand where their internal problems and disharmony come from. Therefore, if you can not find balance in any way, then you should contact the specialists. This is how you can improve your life.

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