Gwen’s fans are concerned about the changes of her face and urge her to stop doing cosmetic surgery!

Once more, Gwen Stefani changed how she looked. The girl updates her social media with fresh pictures, showcasing her full lips. And the celebrity’s followers urged her to stop getting Botox and similar treatments.

While awaiting Thanksgiving dinner, the 53-year-old singer shot a selfie. Many opinions and comments have been left on a recent image of the Hollaback Girl hitmaker.

Her gray sweater and accessories blended subtly with her white shirt. The singer’s long hair was arranged in waves, and the girl’s stunning makeup highlighted her expressive features.

Fans have criticized Gwen and stated that her urge for pointless “injections” will only cause her to lose her appearance. Even explicitly, one of the admirers stated that she did not look well with Botox.

Without cosmetic surgery, which eliminates the uniqueness in the facial characteristics of the ladies and makes everyone seem the same, Gwen is unquestionably prettier and more appealing.

Some people just scrolled down and disregarded the post. However, the musician has been charged with cosmetic surgery before.

What do you think of how the girl looks? Tell us about your “impressions”!

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