“He Is 13 Years Younger Than Her.” Demi Moore Showed Rare Footage With Her Young Man

It seems that the age difference does not matter for the couple, especially since even young girls can envy the appearance of the actress.

The “Ghost” actor and chef Daniel Hamm seem to be enjoying their new relationship. In April, word of the actress’s book broke, and now, for the first time, Demi Moore has shared images of herself with her preferred partner.
The Hollywood actress shared adorable photos of herself and Daniel, 46, taken when they were strolling around the Palace of Versailles garden on her Instagram page.

For the first time, Demi Moore flaunted her new beau.
“We went to the palace of kings and queens, where Moore quickly autographed the book.”
Moore also uploaded a picture of the couple cheering in the crowd for Demi’s beloved dog Pilaf during the 2022 French Open final.

Early in March, when they were seen together at the Chloe presentation as part of Fashion Week, Moore and Hamma initially started discussing the book. They allegedly met at the eatery Eleven Madison Park.


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Even though 59-year-old Demi is 13 years older than her chosen one, it doesn’t seem to matter to the pair, especially considering how even little girls might be jealous of the actress’ looks.

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