Heart line in the palm of your hand

What does the heart line in your palm say?

Would you like to know a little more about yourself, as well as what awaits you in your personal life? Just compare your heart line (it is formed by bending three fingers – middle, ring, and little fingers) on your right hand with the images and find out the answer.

A: If the line of the heart begins under the middle finger, then you are the leader. You are ambitious, independent, smart, and able to make decisions. You are less sensitive and cold enough with people around you.

B: If the line of the heart begins between the middle finger and the index finger, then you are attentive and kind. You are indecisive and cautious with people, but they trust you. You will be guided by common sense in making decisions.

C: If the line begins under the index finger, then you fall under the descriptions of point A.

D: If the line begins between the index finger and thumb, then you are patient, attentive, and soft-hearted, with good intentions.

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