Here is a personality test from the Dalai Lama himself. Do you agree with the conclusions?

This Tibetan personality test is believed to have been created by the Dalai Lama himself. During the test, you must turn off your conscious mind, relax and give an answer immediately, without hesitation.

Take paper and pencil and write down the answers. You will need it at the end. Answers should be honest, it will help to learn a lot about who you really are.

Answer the first thing that comes to mind, do not think too long. It is the first thought that is the most correct because that is what your subconscious mind is telling you.

It is recommended that you write down your answers on paper so you don’t forget what you answered for each question. Turn on intuition and turn off logic. At the end of the test, you will learn something very important about yourself.

Ready? So let’s get started!

1. Arrange these animals in the order that corresponds to your attitude towards them (who do you like better):

  • Cow
  • Tiger
  • Sheep
  • Horse
  • Pig

2. Write one definition (1 adjective for each):

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Rat
  • Coffee
  • Sea

3. Think of someone (who knows you and who is important to you) and match them with a certain color (do not repeat the answer twice, list only one person for each color):

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • White
  • Green.

Make sure your answers are how you really feel…Now, look at the results).

Question #1 means how you prioritize your life.

  • Cow – Career.
  • Tiger – Your self-esteem.
  • Sheep – Love.
  • Horse – Family.
  • Pig – Money.

Question #2 describes your attitude towards life on a subconscious level.

  • Dog- It’s your identity.
  • Cat – The personality of your partner.
  • Rat – Personality of your enemies.
  • Coffee – Your views on sex.
  • Sea – Other aspects of your life.

Question number 3 determines your attitude towards other people. Here’s what each color means:

  • Yellow – One who has greatly influenced your life.
  • Orange – Someone you consider a true friend.
  • Red – Someone you love with all your heart.
  • White – It’s your soul mate.
  • Green – A person you are unlikely to forget.
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