How to determine the character wih the fingers?

There are a wide variety of psychological tests that allow you to quickly determine your disposition. Today we offer you to determine the character on the fingers. To do this, you will need to take a couple of minutes to conduct a special test. In this case, you will get a 100% result!

How to know the character of a person by his hands?

To conduct the test, you will need to follow very simple rules:

1. Prepare a piece of paper and a pen to take notes.

2. Write down four points on a piece of paper in advance.

3. First you need to read the tasks, then complete them, and only then read the answers!

Now let’s move on to the test itself, which will help you find out the character of a person on the fingers.

We conduct a test and find out the character by the action of the hands

Complete the following tasks and record the corresponding results:

1. Place your hands in a “lock” position.

Which hand has the thumb on top? Right (1) or left (0)?

2. Make a “pistol” out of your hands and aim. Cover one eye.

The right eye remained open (1), and the left (0).

3. Sit comfortably and cross your arms.

Which hand is on top? Right (1), Left (0).

4. Clap your hands.

From above, the right hand (1), and if the left (0).

Make appropriate notes with the numbers. Now, look at what combination of numbers you got.

Ratings of the result of the test “Character by hand”

Look at your combination and find it in decryption:

  • “1111” – do not like to enter into conflicts and value conservatism.
  • “1110” – you are a very indecisive person and this interferes with your life.
  • “1101” – very sociable and can find common topics with any person.
  • “1000” – you rely only on your own strength and never expect help.
  • “1100” – you have a very soft and kind character. You are a talented individual.
  • “1011” – have an analytical mind and always be careful.
  • “1010” – you are very defenseless and easily influenced by other people.
  • “0001” – you are a very emotional and active person.
  • “0111” – you are a little lacking in perseverance in solving various issues.
  • “0110” – you are like a naive child. You trust others too much.
  • “0011” – love simplicity. You have a lot of courage and determination.
  • “0010” – you are a sophisticated and creative person who does not lather like everyone else.
  • “0000” – you have pronounced selfishness and stubbornness. You always get your way!
  • “0101” – you love loneliness and feel so much more comfortable.
  • “0100” is a rather closed person who prefers not to stand out.
  • “1001” – you are a real workaholic who knows his own worth.
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