Huge rat the size of a cow found while clearing sewer in Mexico City

Workers from a sewer crew in Mexico City deny they needed psychological help after finding the giant rat. Say, we were not afraid of anything, we immediately realized that she was not alive. And that the pants are wet, so the work is such, in the mud and shit!

Unlike workers, local residents do not hide the fact that they were seriously frightened.

The rat was found when it was necessary to clear a plug of 22 tons of debris in the main sewer. In smaller pipes, this whopper would not fit. The rat had to be thoroughly hosed down before everyone breathed a sigh of relief – it’s a doll! A huge, larger than a man, very detailed figure of a sinister rat. Skeleton, skin, claws, teeth, and bulging eyes – this thing was specially made to scare. But who made it and why put it down the drain?

When the news spread around the city, a certain Evelyn Lopez appeared, who immediately stated that the rat belonged to her. Allegedly, many years ago, she spent a lot of money and effort to make a good Halloween scarecrow, but heavy rains destroyed the warehouse with props and the rat also disappeared. Probably, huge streams of water washed the hefty thing into the sewer. Lopez angrily recalled that no one helped her look for a valuable thing then, so there is some justice here that a rat got stuck in a pipe and created a traffic jam that affected half the city. But she also did not want to take the little thing, which was washed by sewage for years. Now it is the problem of the authorities.

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