Internet people were astounded by photos of Adriano Celentano’s wife from his adolescence

Many internet users were astonished to see photos of Adriano Celentano’s wife in his adolescence.

Recall that Adriano is now no less than 81 years old, and he is still a favorite of the public.

The world-famous actor was brought by his talented performance in the cinema and legendary musical works. Fans adore their idol for his charm, charisma, and recognized talent.

When the actor met his future wife Claudia Mori, she was just 19 years old. The age difference between them was 6 years at the time. And the gorgeous young actress Mori turned her head to the young Celentano on the set of the film “Some Strange Type.” Exactly one year later, she and Claudia got married. For this, Adriano broke off a serious relationship with Milena Cantu.

In the middle of the 20th century, namely in 1964, an actor, successful by that time, at the age of 26, tries himself in a new role. Adriano directs the film “Super Heist in Milan”, in which the main role is played by his young wife.

Much to the dismay of the director, the film did not become popular, and in this regard, Claudia seriously switches her interest to singing and also began to devote more time to her family.

After hard work, Morm releases his debut album. Also on the family front, the spouses are waiting for victory. Claudia gives birth to 3 children. The first daughter was named Rosita. The second is Rosalind. And finally, the third heir was given the name Giacomo.

In 1967, the couple performed together at the San Remo festival and won a landslide victory. In the early 70s, the film career of the actress also went uphill. She starred in the movie “The noble Venetian nicknamed” “Striped ass”, and “Like Cinderella” along with world-famous stars: Roni Schneider, Audrey Hepburn, Irene Papas, and others.

Mori then runs the Clan Celentano studio and works as a producer for her husband. Participates actively in the promotion of the Celentano record in the 1990s. She also does not neglect to promote her singing profession. Claudia’s finest album is released in 2009. In addition, she agreed to participate in the popular show “X-Factor”. There she was one of the members of the jury.

Adriano and Claudia celebrated their emerald wedding last year. For 56 years in marriage, the couple has experienced many trials. First of all, this concerns the ups and downs of a creative union. Claudia has always been reliable support for her husband in a professional sense, and also perfectly coped with the role of wife, mother of 3 children, and keeper of the warm and cozy hearth of the Celentano family. Great love for each other and mutual respect helped to overcome step by step all the twists and turns of fate.

This year, the actress, singer, and TV presenter Claudia Mori celebrates her anniversary. She turns 75 years old. Over the years, a talented woman has gained wisdom, valuable experience, and the love of the world.

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