Look at the following image and answer: what do you see first?

Remember that the key to these tests is that you don’t have to think too long! It’s about using images as triggers that activate the feelings that are housed in your unconscious.


If you saw the zombie first, then it’s probably your routine that bothers you the most. Being so immersed in this routine, you lose sight of the whole panorama, because it is not the only thing that exists around you.

Take the time to diversify your energy and not lose sight of those who love you the most.

Twins Profile

If the first thing you see is faces in profile, you may have love problems. It could be your current partner, an ex you can’t leave behind, or a forbidden or unrequited love.

Something creates a contradiction in you. Your mind and your heart are arguing about what is right, and if you do not resolve this issue, you will always be immersed in a tangle of thoughts. The more you try to understand them, the more they will trap you.

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