Mark Wahlberg Recalls Clash with Martin Scorsese During ‘The Departed’ Filming

Dive into the drama behind ‘The Departed’ 🎬 Mark Wahlberg shares a heated moment with Martin Scorsese on set… You won’t believe what went down! 😱

Mark Wahlberg and Martin Scorsese had some trouble while making the movie “The Departed.” It was a great movie, but behind the scenes, things weren’t smooth.

At first, Wahlberg didn’t want to be in the movie. He thought he wasn’t right for the role. But he ended up joining. However, filming wasn’t easy for him.

One big fight was about Wahlberg’s hair. He had grown it for another movie, but then “The Departed” schedule changed. Scorsese wanted him to cut it, but Wahlberg didn’t want to.

Wahlberg said he had many problems with Scorsese during filming. They were always arguing.

He was also upset with his co-stars, like Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and Jack Nicholson. But he said that was because of his character in the movie.

Even with all the issues, Wahlberg wanted to make a second “Departed” movie. But it didn’t happen.

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