Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Struggle with Trust, Yet Cling to Each Other

💔❤️Delve into the whirlwind romance of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly – trust issues, intense love, and all!

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s relationship has been rocky, according to someone close to them who talked exclusively to PEOPLE.

“They’re unpredictable. One moment they’re happy, the next they’re not,” the person said.

The couple started dating in 2020 after meeting on a movie set. They’ve talked before about how intense their love is.

“I didn’t understand love until I looked into her eyes,” Kelly said on a radio show in September 2020. He said he fell in love instantly.

In November 2020, Fox said their connection was huge, like a natural disaster.

They announced they were engaged in January 2022 and did a weird thing by drinking each other’s blood.

But now, things aren’t so great. “Their love is still strong, but it’s not healthy,” the source said.

“They have trust issues and fight a lot. They can’t stay away from each other, but they don’t know how to have a good relationship,” the source explained.

Fox confirmed they called off the engagement in 2023 during a podcast interview.

“I can’t say much about our relationship status, but he’s like my twin soul,” Fox said.

“They never really planned the wedding or got close to getting married,” the source added.

“It seems like they can’t let each other go, even though they know it’s not good for them,” the source concluded.

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