“No longer a charming seducer.” You will be horrified to see the latest photos of Joey from Friends

Fans still leave comments like “Don’t tell my fiancé, but Joey is my love.”

Globally attractive Matt LeBlanc accelerated the hearts of women. To the great satisfaction of the fans and, it appears, to their own, the artist made an appearance in the movie “Friends. Reunion” two years ago.

The actor, 55, has clearly healed and has grayed. As a result, it was evident in both his personal problems and the ups and downs in his job. His daughter with the actress Melissa McKnight was found to have a rare condition, which caused the infant to experience epileptic seizures. His parents were able to battle the illness, but LeBlanc had little of the Joey Tribbiani of the screen: the actor started to get stress-related seizures, and in 2005, he cheated on his wife with a stripper. Despite the actor’s public apologies, the marriage was unable to be repaired.

The Friends actor briefly dated his Joey co-star, Andrea Anders, after splitting with McKnight.

Marina LeBlanc and her father Matt LeBlanc reside in West Los Angeles. On his own site, fans continue to post messages that include, “Don’t tell my fiancé, but Joey is my love.”

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