“No Longer Slim”: The Paparazzi Filmed Sienna Miller In a Bikini With Her Boyfriend Who Is 15 Years Younger!

Fans praised Sienna’s swimsuit and admired her figure.

The actress Sienna Miller vacationed in Saint-Tropez with her boyfriend Oli Green. On a boat, they were seen strolling together. Sienna loved swimming in the ocean and looked lovely in a vibrant bikini.

Later, they conversed and cuddled while sunbathing on the yacht’s deck. Jude Law, an actor Sienna dated in the past, broke their relationship after discovering his infidelity.

Actor Tom Sturridge and her had a daughter together, Marlowe, and they divorced amicably. Since they started dating a year ago, Sienna and Oli appear content and in love.

Fans appreciated Sienna’s swimwear and commended her attractive physique.

They appear to have enjoyed a wonderful romantic trip! How did you like the post? Post your thoughts in the comments section.

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