Observation Test: Spot 3 differences between the cowboy pictures within 11 seconds

Test your observation skills with this spot-the-difference puzzle.

Exercise and puzzle-solving are two ways to improve overall cognitive abilities. Exercise may eventually grow tiresome, but puzzles will never get boring to solve.

You should successfully complete at least one spot-the-difference assignment each day if you genuinely want to improve your ability to observe and pay attention to detail. These puzzles put your vision to the test by having you look for variations between two almost identical images. Play the spot the difference game we’ve provided for you today to gauge your skill level. Let’s get going.

Spot 3 differences in 11 seconds.

A cowboy is shown in the image above. The two depictions of the cowboy are nearly identical and appear to be indistinguishable, but if you look closely, you will notice three changes. Finding the differences between the two images is your responsibility. Oh, and you’ve got 11 seconds to locate it. All the best.

Keep in mind: 11 seconds maximum. Do not worry if you are unable to find the difference since we will soon provide the answer to this spot-the-different challenge. To see it, scroll down.

Spot the difference: solution.

The two cowboy images differ in the following ways. You may view them here:

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