Odd One Out: Can you help the color-blind Martha find the odd fish in the aquarium?

Take this challenge to test your abilities and skills.

The aquarium where Martha, the elderly color-blind woman, works. She was unable in removing the unusual fish from the school despite many warnings. So, can you spare a few minutes to help her to complete the task?

To complete this exercise, which is illustrated by the above image, you must have excellent cognitive and observational skills.

What is an Odd One Out Puzzle?

In America, the odd-one-out activity is sometimes referred to as Knock Out. It tests a person’s ability to see and understand things broadly. And in order to think creatively, one must be innovative, sensible, and have a distinct viewpoint. In case you are stuck, check for hints in this weird lip sticker puzzle test that has already been answered.

About this Odd One Out Puzzle Picture.

This image from Brightside depicts an aquarium that is not evenly split. You have to look for the strange fish here. In order to not miss any clues, split the image into rows and columns and then carefully review each row and column. Keep your attention on odd things like colors, forms, categories, classifications, patterns, and everything else that occurs to you.

Just keep in mind that you have 31 seconds to complete this workout.

Look for the brain teaser answer here:

Look at the fish in the circle; no other fish have the same contrast of green and yellow.

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