Only 1% of geniuses can spot 5 differences in the Viking picture within 18 seconds!

Can you spot them all in 18 seconds?

There are several ways to improve overall cognitive function, including exercise and puzzle-solving. Exercise may ultimately grow tiresome, but puzzle-solving never does.

If you really want to hone your observational skills and attention to detail, attempt to solve at least one spot-the-difference challenge each day. These tasks put your visual acuity to the test because it could be difficult to see differences between two almost identical images. If you want to test your talents, play the spot-the-difference game we have provided today. Shall we get started?

Spot 5 differences in 18 seconds.

A Viking warrior is shown standing on a harbor in the image above. A rowboat on the water with several people inside, a far-off cliff, and an eagle flying high in the sky are all visible in the photo. Although it’s difficult to see the difference between the two pictures, there are really five things that set them apart. We’re making a great challenge out of this entertaining game. Only 18 seconds are given to you to identify all five variations between the two images. Are you ready? Ideally, you are. Your time has begun. All the best!

Do not worry if you were unable to detect the differences between the two images; we will soon provide the answer to this spot-the-difference challenge. To see it, scroll down.

Spot the Difference Solution.

The five differences between the two Viking images are listed below. You may view them here:

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