Only someone with a detective’s brain can spot who is lying in the picture within 6 seconds!

Test your brain with this brain teaser.

Brain teasers are conundrums or riddles that call for deductive reasoning to answer.

The puzzles typically require some kind of deduction, such as identifying the word, item, or number that is absent from an image or text.

They are regarded as one of the most efficient strategies to boost mental function and are quite prevalent in our daily lives. Brain teasers come in many different varieties. While some are sophisticated, others are simple.

They should be able to excite your brain and enhance your cognitive abilities as long as they are difficult.

Due to this, we are here with another brainteaser to stimulate your thinking.

Are you ready?

Spot who is lying in 6 seconds!

Nobody knows which of the two automobiles smashed into the restaurant. The dispute among the automobile owners centers on who is most likely to have done it. This photo puzzle clearly shows tire prints. It is now your responsibility to determine which of the men is lying. We have given you 6 seconds to complete this brainteaser challenge. Set your timers, then begin. In addition, you will need a detective’s mind to figure out this problem. Consider this puzzle as a fun test to see whether you have what it takes to be a detective.

All the best, guys. We will support you all the way. The answer to this riddle is given towards the conclusion of this article. To see it, scroll down.

Brain Teaser Solution.

You have six seconds to identify the liar in this photo puzzle. The answer is as follows:

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