Optical Illusion: A word is hidden in the picture, find it in 12 seconds

Find the hidden word in the image in today’s optical illusion Brain Test assignment. You have ten seconds to locate the concealed word, so study the image carefully. The most intriguing aspect of optical illusion images is that the solution is concealed inside the image itself and would have been a little challenging to locate. You may put your ability to see things to the test with optical illusion tasks.
You must identify the word printed in the curved lines of this new optical illusion test, which has white and black lines.

Let’s begin this exam, however, bear in mind that you must locate the word on your own.

Are you ready now?

Your twelve seconds have begun.

Have you spotted the word written in the image?

Stop! Time is up.

Congratulations to the person who correctly identified the word printed in this image; you have won the Optical Illusion challenge, and everyone who is still searching for it can view the solution in the image below. The graphic has the word SEE written on it.

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