Optical Illusion: Can you find the needle from the picture in 10 seconds?

If you pride yourself on being the king of puzzle-solving, you will only have 10 seconds to complete this task. You are a genius if you can identify the needle in this image within ten seconds. The riddles are more difficult than they appear because you must apply logic to uncover their secret solution. These kinds of puzzles are particularly successful at boosting mental acuity.

You need to extract a needle from a haystack in the viral image we’ve provided for you today as part of the optical illusion challenge. Without further wait, let’s begin this task. You will win this challenge if you locate the concealed needle within the allotted time. Finding the concealed needle in this optical illusion is the more difficult part. Thousands of people have struggled to find the hidden needle in the image, leaving many baffled.

Are you ready for this challenge? 

Let’s begin.

Your ten seconds have begun.

Where have you seen the needle?

You may find the solution by carefully examining the image.

Stop! Time is up.

The person who discovered the hidden needle in this image is the winner of the optical illusion challenge. Those who are still searching for it can find the solution in the region of the picture that has been highlighted below.

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