“Optical Illusion Challenge”: Find 5 tea utensils hidden in the picture

The picture of today’s challange depicts an office with all kinds of items. You need to find all the utensils that are used for tea-drinking. This is not a personality test, but it also is a brain teaser which helps to test a person’s IQ.

Here is the optical illusion! Find the tea utensils!

Here is the list of the objects you need to find: a mug, a bottle of milk, a bowl of sugar lumps, a jar of tea bags and a spoon. According to the authors of this optical illusion challengel, an average person manages to find all of the 5 given objects in 2 minutes and a few seconds. However, there have still been people who managed to find all of them in about 1 minute and 45 seconds. This is why your task is to find them in 1 minute.

If you find it really difficult to find the items, here is a hint for you: Take a close look at the second shelf and carefully study the plant pots. The teabags were, probably, the easiest to find. They are hidden in the labelled container in the middle of the picture. And the spoon is the most difficult one to spot as it is smaller in size.

We expect to find the rest yourself. In case you don’t find them, scroll down to see the answers in the picture below!

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