“Optical Illusion”: Find the hidden faces in this drawing of flowers

Let’s see if you can find all of them!

We have prepared a rather beautiful and mind-boggling optical illusion for you!

Look at this drawing carefully and find as many faces as you can! We are waiting for your answers!
Scroll down to see the answer!

It is said seeing is believing. However, what you actually see and what you think you see are completely different things. Your senses gather some information about the image you are seeing with your eyes and send the information to your brain. The information your brain gets is what you think you see.

The faces are perfectly disguised in the drawing of the flowers!

Optical Illusion Answers!

We know you have down all you could, but, please, do not overwork your brain! Here is where the faces are hiding!

Let’s agree, this was a tough one! We hope you enjoyed both the art and the illusion!

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