Optical Illusion: Only 1% of people can find the Hawk from the picture in 11 seconds, it’s your turn to find it

In today’s optical illusion test, we’ll see how focused you are and how long it takes you to find any hidden objects in the image. The photo we’re going to show you today is of a hill covered with dark rocks, yet there’s a hawk tucked away in the background. You have 11 seconds to locate the hawk.
Although optical illusion images are incredibly intriguing and easy to understand, their solution is equally difficult. Due to their ability to provide insight into perception, these optical illusions fall under the purview of psychoanalysis. Set a timer for 10 seconds on your phone or smartwatch before beginning this challenge since you only have a short amount of time to uncover the hidden Amla. You must begin looking for them as soon as we ask you to click Start.

The task may now officially begin. 

Have you prepared?

Your 11 seconds then begin.

Where did you see the Hawk? Try looking for it in the image’s right corner.

Your time is up, so stop.

Congratulations! You have won this challenge if you were able to locate the hidden Hawk in the image. If not, do not be discouraged; we have provided the answer in the image below.

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