“Optical Illusion Personality Test”: What do you see first in this picture?

Find out how much influence your memories have had on your personality

People are mostly influenced by their own memories. They shape our personality traits as well as our intelligence. This optical illusion test wants you to tell which image you see first hen you look at the picture. This way you can find out how much influence your memory have had on your current personality.

What did you see the first?

There are two different images in this picture – an eagle and 2 crocodiles. This optical illusion is created due to the difference in the cognitive strength of one’s mind.

The picture is taken from a video that was uploaded on TikTok by the user Charles Meriot. It has been illustrated in a 15-second reel by him. Charles tells in his video how the image can be perceived in two different ways. “Either you will see two crocodiles facing each other or you will see an eagle in mid-flight”.


Crocodiles: If you noticed the crocodiles first, then you must’ve had a stormy past. As a result, you matured to be a person of steel. You are a dominant person and like to take hold of everything. Your memories are tough and they have taught you to avoid as many mistakes as possible. You learn from others’ experiences and most of your actions are based on your past experiences. You hate taking orders from someone else, because you always feel that you know better than others.

Eagle: Not many people are able to spot the eagle in the picture. If you are among them, then you must be a very proud and opportunity-seeking person. You have lovely memories and they have shaped you as a person who only focuses on winning. You have clear goals and always go ahead. You can never be an underachiever in life as your experiences have not prepared you for that. You are a highly ambitious person. Sometimes people think you are too ruthless, but in fact you are just focused on yourself.

This optical illusion test is known as the ambiguous optical illusion. Hope you liked this test!

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