Optical Illusion: Spot the hidden frog from the image within 16 seconds

You have been shown an image for today’s optical illusion brain IQ test where there are several penguins and a frog concealed in between them. You have 16 seconds in this new optical illusion brain test to discover the hidden frog; if you do it within that time, you will win this challenge.

When you frequently complete optical illusions, your brain begins to function more rapidly because they are such pictures, which is a really enjoyable exercise that improves your focus and keeps your mind sharp. This requires focus to uncover the solution concealed in the center.

Your time has begun. 

Have you seen the frog anywhere?

Be quick! It necessitates focus.

Stop! The time is up for you.

Congratulations to everyone who located the hidden frog. If you are still looking for it, don’t be discouraged; you may find the solution in the image below. I hope you had fun taking the Brain IQ Test.

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