Optical Illusion: Spot the hidden Mango from the image in 10 seconds

Image tasks that use optical illusions are fascinating and a fantastic way to practice your observational abilities. We consistently update our gallery with fresh pictures for you, and today is no exception. We all understand that mangoes and oranges have the same hue. Find the hidden mango between the oranges in today’s challenge within 10 seconds.

A mango is concealed between many fresh oranges in a bucket as shown in the optical illusion IQ test. Without further ado, let’s begin this task, but remember that you must discover it on your own and must not accept assistance from anybody. You will win this challenge if you locate the concealed mango in the allotted time.

Your allotted ten seconds have begun.

Have you seen the Mango? No?

Here is a hint that should make it easier for you to locate it.

Clue: The Mango is hidden on the left side of the image.

Your time is running out, so hurry up.

Stop! Time is up. 

The person who correctly identified the mango in this image is the winner of the optical illusion challenge, and others who are still searching for it can view the solution in the image below.

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