Optical Illusion Test: Spot the hidden lion in the image in 12 seconds

You have 12 seconds to identify the lion in the newly added image to the optical illusion exam today. If you succeed, you’ll be recognized as having a brilliant mind. This lovely picture shows a lion eager to hunt its victim while lurking in the center of the grass.

We can sense that it is about to get dark in the African rainforests as we look at this exquisitely shot Optical Illusion photograph, and everything appears quiet.

Are you ready for this challenge? 

Let’s begin.

Pay great attention to the visuals and keep in mind that you only have seven seconds.

Your time has begun.

Have you noticed the lion in the picture? No?

The time is up for you. 

Congratulations to everyone who managed to find the lion within the allotted time. For those who were unable to do so, scroll down to the image we have circled to reveal the solution.

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