Parents were advised to leave their daughter in the hospital… She matured and rose to prominence

Kennedy Garcia’s mother was strongly advised to leave the baby in the hospital when she was born due to the child having Down syndrome, leukemia, and a deformed spine from which her head could not hold and she appeared to fall off. The mother, on the other hand, was unable to do so with her child. 

To help her bones heal, the girl was fitted with a metal collar and a helmet when she was two years old. The baby was completely still. She stayed in bed all day, watching dance videos. She dashed to sign up for dancing as soon as she was able to walk again. She put in a lot of effort and lived by them. Her time is now taken up by dances, photo shoots, and new friends. 

She works for KMR Diversity and Dream Talent Management and travels to Los Angeles and New York frequently for auditions, auditions, and TV shows. She’s only 15 years old! Her daughter’s life, according to her mother, does not resemble the terrifying images that doctors once painted for her. 

Kennedy regards Matthew as a close friend. He is four years her senior, has Down syndrome, and works as a model and actor. Matthew persisted in his pursuit of Kennedy, and she eventually agreed to be his girlfriend.

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