“People Are Afraid to Look at Him”: The Man Who Astonished the World with His Appearance

Meet Sylvian, a man from France who has turned his body into a canvas by covering it with tattoos. He works as a primary school teacher, surprising everyone with his unique appearance. Besides his teaching job, he also works as a model and often participates in tattoo art exhibitions.

Sylvian’s body is like a big picture, with each tattoo holding a special meaning. One side of his body is dedicated to rock and roll, while the other side represents Japanese culture. His arms and legs depict the evolution of Buddha.

Sylvian started getting tattoos in the UK, beginning with his arms, legs, and chest. When he moved to France, he covered his entire body with different tattoos. Initially, he used to hide them with clothes, feeling embarrassed. However, he realized there was no point in hiding them and embraced his unique look.

In public, people often stare at Sylvian with unusual reactions, lowering their eyes and sometimes avoiding eye contact. However, he feels more accepted in France, where people are used to his appearance.

“As a French citizen, I can do whatever I want with myself. My colleagues, parents, and children at work are already used to it. Some adults may say something behind my back, but children easily accept me as I am,” says Sylvian.

Despite facing some challenges in the UK due to people’s negative attitudes towards tattoos, Sylvian now feels more comfortable expressing himself in France. His social media photos have gained attention, boosting his self-esteem. He has even been offered roles in films, playing characters like a soldier, villain, or partygoer.

Sylvian wishes for better treatment from people who may judge him based on his fully tattooed body.

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