Personality Quiz: Which one do you think is a girl?

1. Baby A

You are a rationalist!

You are a principled person who follows social rules well. You always think rationally and do not like disputes for no reason or those that cannot be resolved.

You are trying to get an objective opinion of other people and wish happiness for many people.

2. Baby B

You were born to be an artist!

You are born to be an artist full of emotions and creative thoughts. People like you because of your creative and amazing ideas. Because you are full of emotions, you have emotional ups and downs and many tears, but you have a great ability to empathize with others.

3. Baby C

You are witty!

You know how to face any situation and you adapt very well to new conditions. You are able to make friends with new people.

You notice what other people think and how they feel with your intuition. Therefore, people easily tell you things that are very serious.

4. Baby D

You are confident!

You are born with a soft personality with a flowing nature. You have a warm personality, always friendly to people, so you see the world with a kind eye.

You are a strong-willed person who never breaks the rules or promises you make.

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