Physiognomy: look at your nails and learn about your character

Our appearance is given to us for a reason! If you learn to read people by their external features, then you can easily recognize the character and habits of a person at a glance. You can check physiognomy in action! Today you will learn how to determine the character by the shape of the nail.

You can start with yourself! For this:

  • Look at your fingers and tell me what shape your nails are?
  • Look at the picture and find a nail shape that is similar to yours.
  • Read the transcript below, according to the picture number.

Pay attention to that part of the nail that does not protrude above the finger, but is your main nail plate.

Your psychological portrait in the form of a nail

Do you recognize yourself in the description?

1. Rectangular shape – you are an optimist! Always look for the positives in any situation. Your behavior is more like a child. You are naive and trusting. However, you have a special gift – you know how to find an individual approach to any person, and this helps you in life.

2. Trapezoidal shape – you are a confident person and never doubt your abilities. You can achieve any goal you set! For this, you are respected and honored. However, you absolutely do not know how to perceive criticism and treat it very painfully.

3. Square shape – you seem to be a very gentle person, but inside you have a special core! You will never give offense to yourself or your family. You have a calm disposition and a cold mind. You know how to keep yourself under control even in the most difficult situations.

4. Round shape – you can be very sentimental. You often have your head in the clouds! Love to contemplate the world, and enjoy it. You are a friendly person who has excellent communication skills. In addition, you are an objective person and for this, you are appreciated.

5. Fan-shaped – this form of nails indicates that you are a sensitive person. You have absolutely no control over your emotions. You often think about global problems. You have a kind heart and a special talent for art.

Knowing about his character: strengths and weaknesses, any person can adjust his life. You can develop the positives and eliminate what you don’t like. Remember that it is self-development that will allow any person to achieve heights in any field. Take time for yourself and your spiritual development. Then you will feel pleasant changes.

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