Pick a Flame and See Your Future

Do you want to know what awaits you? Then this test is for you!

The image shows five types of flames, choose the one that is most attractive to you. Your choice will determine what awaits you in the future.

You are ready? Then let’s start!

If you chose…

Flame #1

The future will offer you the opportunity to trade your current life for one that will bring you more joy. Don’t deprive yourself of a better life by clinging to things and people that are part of your past. The future holds great surprises for you, but you can only connect with them if you free yourself from negative memories from your past life.

Flame #2

If you are looking for a romantic partner, your future will bring good news. You will have several suitors, and among them will be the person who will bring much joy and fullness into your life. Keep your heart open and tune in to the voice of your soul to attract someone who will make you happier.

Flame #3

Your future will be successful in the professional field. You will be recognized by your superiors and receive an offer that will bring you great career growth and great pay. This is a consequence of all your efforts and virtues, but envious people may want to interfere with you. Be attentive and analyze your immediate environment.

Flame #4

Rest time awaits you in the future. Finally, you will have time to relax and plan activities that will bring you more pleasure. The stress of everyday life and the worries of your family will be put aside and you will finally be able to take care of yourself. Use this moment to have fun and be alone with yourself.

Flame #5

Your ideas will finally be taken into account and you will be free to express your creativity. You can work with the confidence that you are admired and recognized, and this will bring you more inspiration to create even more successfully. Get creative and let your imagination run wild because your moment of brilliance is closer than you think.

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