Pick a symbol and get wise instruction

Choose the symbol that attracts you the most and receive wise guidance for your life.

Symbol #1

This choice encourages you to trust your inner guidance and listen to your intuition. Assess your sensitivity and prioritize hunch over logic. Now is not the time to listen to other people’s opinions. Now is the time to spend some time alone. Nature will increase your connection with the universe, as will prayer, meditation, and yoga. In order to improve your current life situation, you need to adjust to the natural rhythm and cycles of your life.

Symbol #2

This image indicates a big transition and transformation. Your spiritual awakening has begun. You must embrace change and prepare to be the best version of yourself. Believe me, a magical future awaits you, but you must give up old habits. Think about your values ​​and eliminate everything that does not match your dreams. Transformation is inevitable and this is truly an exciting time for you.

Symbol #3

You need to establish control in all aspects of your life. Keep in mind that bad habits can delay the manifestation of your dreams. You need a balance between the desire for freedom and obligations. Find the courage to seek professional help if you need it. You don’t have to deal with everything alone.

Symbol #4

This image is telling you that you need to take a break from your busy schedule. Perhaps you worked hard, or a lot of things happened to you. Now is the time to rest. Even two days is enough to restore your soul. Take your time, relax, read a book, and watch a movie. If you feel insecure or confused, the answers will come to you when you take your time. Get out of stress and find your inner peace.

Symbol #5

An important spiritual connection awaits you. It might be a new friend. During this relationship, you will be a teacher and a student, and the wisdom of this experience will strengthen your relationship with the universe.

Symbol #6

It’s time to give up your attachments. In order to get what you want, it is important to give space to the Universe to fulfill your desire. Relax and appreciate what you already have.

Symbol #7

It’s time to reconnect with your creative side in order to improve your quality of life. Get away from the seriousness of your life and attempt to do something fun that will bring you closer to your goals. You may sketch, write, cook, photograph, or do whatever you want. Make use of your imagination and look at the world through the eyes of a youngster!

Symbol #8

You must keep moving forward if you want to fulfill your dreams. You can deal with all problems. With perseverance, you can make all your dreams come true. Become aware of the negative thoughts and beliefs that are affecting you and try to get rid of them.

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